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Google Domains to Transition Assets to Squarespace

Google domains transition to Squarespace

The future of Google Domains, the company that launched the first domain name registrar in 2014, has been revealed unexpectedly. Squarespace, a prominent website-building platform, has acquired the company’s business and assets as it winds down its operations.

According to Squarespace, Google Domains assets have been acquired by it in a definitive agreement. This acquisition includes approximately 10 million Google Domains domains, serving millions of customers.

Google’s decision to sell the registrar business is part of its ongoing efforts to streamline operations and focus on core areas. Google Domains promotes secure web practices, promoting HTTPS and top-level domains (TLDs). The service successfully completed its beta phase in 2022.

The move to transfer the business to Squarespace appears to be a strategic decision aimed at providing existing customers with a guided migration path. This is rather than abruptly shutting down the service. Google Domains offered various features to its users, such as no-cost WHOIS privacy and one-click DNSSEC for enhanced security against DNS spoofing and cache poisoning attacks It also leveraged Google’s reliable cloud infrastructure and provided a user-friendly interface. It remains to be seen if Squarespace can replicate the same experience for customers.

Squarespace has assured customers that it will honor the existing renewal prices for at least 12 months following the completion of the transaction. This is anticipated to take place in the third quarter of 2023. Therefore, Google Domains users need not take any immediate action, as their accounts will remain unaffected until the transition is complete.

Google released a support document today to address customer concerns, with additional information expected to follow.

In addition to the acquisition of Google Domains assets, Squarespace has secured an exclusive domains provider partnership with Google. This means that customers purchasing a domain alongside their Google Workspace subscription will have access to Squarespace’s services for a minimum of three years.

Furthermore, Squarespace will handle billing and support services for Google Workspace customers who initially signed up through Google Domains. Customers will retain the flexibility to change their domains accounts as needed.

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