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Apple Expands Self-Repair Program to iPhone 14 and M2 Macs

Apple has expanded its self-repair program to include the iPhone 14 and M2 Macs. The program, which was first launched in April 2022, allows customers to repair their own Apple products using genuine Apple parts and tools.

The expansion of the program to the iPhone 14 and M2 Macs means that customers can now repair a wider range of issues on their devices, including the display, battery, and camera. Apple has also made the program more accessible by offering more repair manuals and tools.

To use the self-repair program, customers first need to visit the Apple Self Service Repair website. On the website, they can select the product they want to repair and view the repair manual. The manual includes step-by-step instructions on how to repair the device, as well as a list of the tools and parts needed.

Once the customer has the necessary tools and parts, they can order them from the Apple Self Service Repair Store. The store also offers rental kits, which allow customers to borrow the tools they need for a limited time.

After the customer has repaired their device, they need to complete a System Configuration process. This process ensures that the device is properly repaired and that all of the software is up to date.

The self-repair program is a welcome addition for Apple customers who want to save money on repairs. The program is also a good way for customers to learn more about how their devices work.

Here are some of the benefits of Apple’s self-repair program:

  • Save money: Customers can save money on repairs by doing them themselves.
  • Learn about your device: The self-repair program can help you learn more about how your device works.
  • Be more sustainable: By repairing your device, you can help to reduce electronic waste.

If you are interested in using Apple’s self-repair program, you can learn more at the following link:

Apple Self Service Repair:

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