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Music AI tools are applications that use artificial intelligence to create, enhance, or analyze music. They can help musicians and producers with tasks such as composing, mixing, mastering, or separating vocals from instrumentals. Some of the music AI tools also allow users to generate music based on their preferences, such as genre, mood, or style.

  • Jukebox: A neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles. You can explore the generated samples or use the code to create your own music with AI.
  • LALAL.AI: A vocal separation tool that uses a neural network to extract vocals, drums, guitar, piano, bass, synthesizer, and general accompaniment from any song. You can use it to create karaoke tracks, remixes, or mashups.
  • ORB Producer Suite : A set of four VST3/AU plugins that use AI to generate patterns, melodies, and bass lines for your music production. You can integrate it with your DAW and customize the generated music to your liking.
  • Ecrett Music: A functional music generator that creates royalty-free music for your videos, games, or podcasts. You just have to choose the mood, the genre, and the length, and the AI will handle the rest.
  • Soundraw: A music production tool that creates royalty-free music for your videos using AI. You can also edit the AI-generated music to tailor it to your preference or taste.
  • Aiva: An AI composer that creates original music for your projects. You can choose from different genres, moods, and instruments, and download the music in high-quality formats.
  • Infinite Album: An AI music generator that creates endless variations of songs from your favorite artists. You can listen to the generated music online or download it for offline use.
  • Amadeus Code: An AI songwriting assistant that helps you create melodies based on musical theory and data from thousands of songs. You can adjust the parameters such as tempo, key, scale, and chords, and export the melodies as MIDI files.
  • MuseNet: A deep neural network that can generate musical compositions in different styles and genres. You can either choose a predefined prompt or enter your own text or MIDI input to generate music with MuseNet.
  • NSynth: A neural audio synthesis tool that uses deep neural networks to create new sounds from existing ones. You can explore the sounds on the NSynth website or download the code and dataset to create your own sounds with NSynth.
  • Hookpad: A songwriting tool that helps you write chords and melodies for your songs. It uses AI to suggest chords and melodies based on your input and musical theory. You can also export your songs as MIDI or audio files.
  • Humtap: A mobile app that lets you create original music by humming or tapping on your phone. It uses AI to match your voice and rhythm with different instruments and genres. You can also share your creations with other users or download them as MP3 files.
  • Matchtune: A platform that connects video creators with AI-generated music. You can upload your video and choose from different genres, moods, and styles of music. The AI will then sync the music with your video and let you download it for free.
  • Atlas: A drum sampler plugin that uses AI to organize your drum samples into a map based on their sonic characteristics. You can then browse, layer, and randomize your samples with ease.
  • Playbeat 3: A creative groove randomizer plugin that generates beats and patterns using your own samples. You can control the probability, density, steps, pitch, volume, and filters of each sample slot with Playbeat 3.
  • Soothe 2: A dynamic resonance suppressor plugin that uses AI to identify and reduce harsh frequencies in your audio. It works on vocals, guitars, drums, synths, and more.
  • Sonible Smart:EQ 3: An intelligent equalizer plugin that uses AI to analyze and optimize your audio tracks. It can automatically balance the tonal spectrum, remove resonances, and create a spectral balance between multiple tracks.
  • Mixroom: A smart EQ plugin that uses AI to help you mix your tracks. It can analyze your audio and give you suggestions on how to improve it. It also comes with presets for different genres and instruments.
  • Nectar 3 Plus: A vocal production suite that uses AI to help you craft professional-sounding vocals. It includes modules for pitch correction, harmony, compression, reverb, delay, and more.
  • Gullfoss: An intelligent equalizer plugin that uses AI to improve the clarity, detail, and balance of your audio. It can automatically adjust the frequency response and loudness of your audio in real-time.
  • DynOne 3: A smart multiband compressor plugin that uses AI to help you achieve a consistent and balanced sound. It can automatically adjust the threshold, ratio, attack, and release of each band based on your audio.
  • eMastered: An online mastering service that uses AI to master your tracks. You can upload your audio and choose from different mastering options such as loudness, tone, and width. You can also compare the mastered and unmastered versions of your audio before downloading it.
  • Zynaptiq Master Bundle: A bundle of four plugins that use AI to enhance your audio quality. It includes Intensity, a detail enhancer; Unfilter, a spectral repair tool; Unchirp, a codec artifact remover; and Unveil, a reverb reducer.
  • Ozone 9: A comprehensive mastering suite that uses AI to help you achieve a professional sound. It includes modules for EQ, dynamics, imaging, spectral shaping, vintage emulation, and more. It also features Master Assistant, an AI-powered tool that gives you custom presets based on your audio and target platform.
  • Cloudbounce: An online mastering service that uses AI to master your tracks. You can upload your audio and choose from different genres, styles, and intensity levels of mastering. You can also tweak the settings such as EQ, compression, stereo width, and loudness.

These are some of the music AI tools that you can use to create, enhance, or analyze music with the help of artificial intelligence. I hope you find them useful and interesting.