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Programming AI tools or AI code generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to create code snippets automatically. They can help programmers write code faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors. Some of the benefits of using AI code generators are:

OpenAI Codex

An extremely flexible AI code generator that can produce code in various computer languages. It can help with activities like code translation, autocompletion, and developing comprehensive functions or classes.


An AI code completion tool that works with well-known IDEs. It offers real-time, intelligent code suggestions that significantly speed up the coding process.


An AI model trained exclusively to produce code snippets. It can perform operations like code completion, summarization, and translation between different programming languages.


An AI-powered platform that enables users to create web applications without coding. It uses natural language processing to understand user requirements and generate code accordingly.

GitHub Copilot

A virtual pair programmer that helps developers write better code faster. It suggests whole lines or blocks of code as you type, based on the context and your coding style.

GhostWriter Replit

A tool that generates code from natural language descriptions. It supports Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL languages.


A tool that helps developers find relevant code snippets from millions of open source projects. It uses natural language queries to search for code examples that match the user’s intent.


A tool that converts natural language questions into SQL queries. It uses natural language understanding and semantic parsing to generate accurate and efficient SQL queries.


A tool that provides AI-assisted coding for Java and JavaScript developers. It analyzes your code and suggests relevant code completions, examples, and best practices.


A tool that provides AI-powered autocomplete for Python developers. It integrates with your editor and suggests the most relevant code completions as you type.


A tool that analyzes your code and detects bugs, vulnerabilities, and performance issues. It uses machine learning to provide suggestions and fixes for your code.

Codex by CodeSubmit

A tool that helps you create coding challenges for hiring developers. It uses AI to generate realistic and engaging coding tasks based on your requirements.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

A tool that enhances the coding experience in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. It provides AI-assisted code completions, refactorings, suggestions, and insights for various languages.


A tool that helps you write high-quality code faster. It supports over 30 programming languages and provides smart code completions, snippets, examples, and documentation.


A tool that helps you write unit tests for your code. It uses AI to generate test cases, mock data, and assertions for your functions and methods.


A tool that provides autocompletion and static analysis for Python code. It works with various editors and IDEs and supports features like goto definitions, renaming, documentation lookup, and more.

Wing Python IDE Pro

A tool that provides a full-featured Python development environment. It offers features like intelligent editor, debugger, testing tools, refactoring tools, version control integration, and more.

I’m glad you’re interested in learning more about AI code generators. Here are some more tools that you can check out:

Smol Developer

A tool that helps you create web applications without writing any code. It uses natural language processing to understand your app idea and generate a fully functional web app for you.

Cody by Sourcegraph

A tool that provides an AI-driven coding assistant for developers. It offers features like intelligent code completion, automatic bug detection and fixing, and code reviews.

CodeWhisperer by Amazon

A tool that helps you write better Alexa skills faster. It uses AI to generate sample utterances, intents, slots, prompts, and responses for your Alexa skill based on your skill description.

CodeGuru by Amazon

A tool that helps you improve the quality and performance of your code. It uses machine learning to provide code reviews, recommendations, and profiling for your applications.

CodeAI by CodeAI

A tool that helps you fix bugs and vulnerabilities in your code. It uses deep learning to analyze your code and generate patches that can be applied automatically or manually.

CodeStream by CodeStream

A tool that helps you collaborate with your team on code reviews and discussions. It integrates with your IDE and allows you to share code snippets, comments, and feedback with your teammates.

CodeSandbox by CodeSandbox

A tool that helps you create web applications online without setting up anything. It supports various frameworks and languages and provides a live preview of your app as you code.

CodePen by CodePen

A tool that helps you create and share front-end web development projects. It allows you to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in your browser and see the results instantly.

CodeCombat by CodeCombat

A tool that helps you learn coding through playing a game. It teaches you various programming concepts and languages by making you solve puzzles and challenges in a fun and interactive way.

CodinGame by CodinGame

A tool that helps you improve your coding skills through playing games. It offers various coding games, puzzles, challenges, and competitions for different levels and languages.